Animal Welfare

We understand that the success of our clients is linked to how we treat the animals in our care

Our specialised laboratory animal facility is fully compliant with global standards and features spacious animal rooms with advanced lighting, air, temperature and humidity controls
Our facilities

Many systems are in place to ensure the daily routines of the laboratory animals are structured to meet their environmental, dietary and enrichment needs.  An independent Named Veterinary Surgeon (NVS) is available 24/7, making routine and unscheduled visits to conduct health checks, ensure correct running of the facility, and advise on the laboratory animals' health and welfare during animal toxicity studies.

The laboratory has its own Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body (AWERB) comprising the Establishment Licence Holder, the NVS, Named Animal Care and Welfare Officer (NACWO), a lay member, scientists and licence holders.  This group meets regularly to discuss the welfare of the animals and ensure full implementation of the 3Rs.

As a Home Office designated laboratory animal testing facility under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act of 1986, Hoeford Research adheres to the principles that toxicology testing must only be carried out where alternative methods for testing the product do not exist.  We do not perform any laboratory animal testing on cosmetic products or ingredients.

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The 3 Rs

The 3Rs are guiding principles for the ethical use of animals in testing and are defined as Reduction, Refinement and Replacement.  At Hoeford Research we also believe in a 4th R - that of RESPONSIBILITY to our laboratory animals, society and the environment.

As a result of implementing the 3Rs the number of laboratory animals used in testing has been reduced by over 50% since the early 1990s due to the discovery and implementation of alternative technologies by which to conduct testing.

Concordat on Openness on Animal Research

Hoeford Research is a signatory to the Concordat on Openness in Animal Research.  We aim to fulfil the following four commitments:

  • Commitment 1 - We will be clear about when, how and why we use animals in research
  • Commitment 2 - We will enhance our communications with the media and the public about our research using animals
  • Commitment 3 - We will be proactive in providing opportunities for the public to find out about research using animals
  • Commitment 4 - We will report on progress annually and share our experiences
Additional Resources

Below are a few links to organisations where you can find additional information on animal welfare: