Regulatory Toxicology Testing and Preclinical R&D

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Choosing your Proof-of-Concept In Vivo Toxicology Laboratory

In Vivo toxicology proof-of-concept (PoC) testing plays a crucial role in evaluating the potential risks and hazards associated with new compounds in the early stages of lead generation and pre-candidate selection, when developers are assessing the likelihood of scientific success, and investors are calculating the likelihood of financial return on their investment.

Choosing the right toxicology testing provider at this stage is an essential step in ensuring that safety, compliance and risk are clearly defined at what can be a nail-biting time for developers and investors.

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Toxin and Antitoxin Testing

Acute toxicity testing for toxins, alkaloids and immunotoxins

International regulations relating to human health require that all new pharmaceutical drugs are tested for safety prior to use in human volunteers and patients.

A key stage in ensuring the safety of drugs is to conduct toxicity tests in appropriate animal models and acute toxicity studies are just one of a battery of toxicity tests that are used.

These studies are usually conducted in rodents and this test is particularly contentious as it is the only test in pharmaceutical development where lethality is a key endpoint.


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Our fully-compliant toxicology testing programmes are customised to ensure alignment with the appropriate regulatory pathway, delivering results that save time and development costs and get your product to market safely.


With each new challenge our scientific and technical experts leverage a 60-year heritage of discipline and commitment to operational excellence, ensuring reliable and predictable outcomes for you and your customers.


We act with confidence, determination and a full understanding of your needs and expectations.  We communicate with transparency and clarity at every stage of the project to get the results right first time.


We can conduct one-off testing and multi-year projects that meet the regulatory requirements mandated by MHRA, EHA, FDA and WHO, as well as provide toxicology testing for products manufactured outside the EU that require re-testing at an EU-based facility according to EP, USP or JP guidelines.